You know what pissed me off the most with this episode?


The fact that Emily, Spencer, Aria and Alison all see that Hanna is losing her shit, in this toxic/Loveish relationship with Caleb (because she’s hurting, he’s familiar, he’s hurting, she’s familiar..they need some type of comfort..familiarity but they still love each other), She’s drinking,…

Jessica's Demon - CeCe Drake


'Everything I did yesterday was undone by an angry raccoon, or whatever is living underneath that porch.”


In 4.02 Jessica DiLaurentis says this line to Hanna Marin and goes to ask her about the Iceberg roses. Someone is watching them from inside the house and we later discover in 4.09 that…


what if disney channel had a throwback week and all the old shows and movies were on it